Meet The Maker

Obrigada por nos visitar! (Greetings in Portuguese) Thank you for visiting us!

A little about my journey…

My name is Roberta, the soap maker & owner, also responsible for all the creativity, design, & development of Aguas Claras handmade products & recipes.

If you're wondering; What does Aguas Claras mean? It means Clear Water.
Being Brazilian I wanted a Portuguese name that meant something simple & fresh: something as clear as water. After some discuss with my husband, Aguas Claras was born.

I grew up on a farm. It was common practice for my family to produce our own food, personal care products, & clothing. When we were little, my cousins & I would help our mothers make our own soaps & others skincare products for our own consumption. 

One of our favorite moments in the family was when all of us, adults and children (grandparents, uncles, parents, my cousins & me) got together to do some farm activity.
One was to make soap

My grandmother, mother & aunts used a huge “tacho” (a huge pot in Portuguese) to make soap. My cousins and I grew up participated in every activity like this on the farm.

We all gathered around this huge “tacho”. We took turns mixing all the ingredients until it had the proper consistency to put the soap into a huge wooden mold. The saponification process and the right consistency took a long time.

This was because at that time we used only a large wooden spoon with a long handle to mix all the ingredients.

Today we use tools that facilitate this process.

So we used to take turns. When one got tired of mixing, the other used to take over. We were many. Often friends & visitors also participated.

But the best thing wasn’t only making soap itself. The most special was an ordinary activity become the experience of being all together, talking, telling stores, laughing or sometimes even crying.

The exchange between generation. This tradition has been passed down from generation to generation in our family. And it was a natural moment that happened without realizing it. 

After my childhood on the farm, I got a college degree in vet school & practiced my profession for over ten years. 


Coming to the United States gave me the opportunity to put my veterinary career aside & get back to my roots. This was possible with the support of my husband who believed in me & helped me launch Aguas Claras Company. It is truly my pride & joy, which I hope it shines through in each & every product I make.
Also, US brought me the opportunity to bring back to memory all those precious moments with the women in my family & to have my own business in a country so full of blessings. 

Creating skin care products sparks my passion, excitement, & inspiration.
It powers me forward to offer the best products & never stop looking for the most luxurious, healthy ingredients for skin.

About my Company

Aguas Claras is an eco-friendly company that offers handcrafted natural & organic skincare products. 
Our soaps & skincare products are handcrafted from scratch in small batches in an old fashioned way passed down from generation to generation in our family since my childhood.
Everything is made with natural, organic ingredients, therapeutic grade essential oils and Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates, SLS, Petroleum, Gluten, and other harsh skin irritants.
Free from palm oil, colorants, preservative or anything chemical.
All products are animal testing free.
Only tested on people. Never on animals.

I do not use animal fats or petroleum-based ingredients.



My mission is to bring back the simplicity of healthy, fresh & pure ingredients to our skin care routine & to our lives again and cause less impact on the environment.

I really hope you can appreciate our products!

If you have any questions or concerns about using our products, I'm a quick message away. Don't hesitate!

Take care and happy shopping!


CEO & Founder of Aguas Claras